Buzzed off about waste?

We are too! Hexacycle uses insects, nature’s recyclers, to put our food waste back into the food chain, helping the pet and agriculture industries become more environmentally sustainable in the process.

We are Hexacycle.
A sustainable solution to animal feed.

Hexacycle is a New Zealand start-up that aims to divert pre-consumer food waste from landfill and turn it into a sustainable supply of protein and lipids for our pets and livestock. We do this by using insects to replicate how organic waste is broken down and recycled in nature.

Our services.


If you are a producer of high quality, pre-consumer organic waste then we’d love to help you dispose of it sustainably.


We offer organic, nutrient rich fertiliser at great prices. Achieve amazing results in your garden.

Pet Feed

We offer live and dried insect larvae, to give your pet a nutritious, environmentally friendly boost to its diet.

Consulting Service

We have designed and implemented black soldier fly processing plants overseas. Get in touch if you’d like us to assist with your project.

We convert organic waste into a sustainable substitute for fishmeal, fish oil and soy meal.

Auckland produces
Tonnes of Organic waste per year

Equivalent to the weight of
Sky towers

We want to divert this from landfill

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