What we do

We convert organic waste, in the form of pre-consumer food waste, into a highly nutritious and digestable protein, as well as producing a rich, organic fertiliser. What sets us apart from others, is that there is no waste byproduct from our process.

Who we are?

Hexacycle was started by Neil at the beginning of 2016. It stemmed from an entomology paper at the University of Auckland which inspired Neil to leave his job in local government and setup a sustainable business that brings insect protein into our food chain, whilst reducing organic waste going to landfill.

Erik joined Hexacycle towards the end of 2016. He brings a strong financial background and analytical skills that rounds out the team. Erik has an interest in businesses that are sustainable and part of the burgeoning green economy.

Together the team won the social innovation category of the prestigious Velocity 100K Entrepreneurship Challenge at the University of Auckland. This gave access to seed capital and mentors which has springboarded the startup into a business.